The PTA is about YOU. We need every parent or guardian participating in the Lester PTA to enhance our children’s education by:

  • Gathering valuable volunteer support for our teachers and administration to more efficiently and effectively serve their students;

  • Creating better communication between parents, staff and district administration;

  • Raising funds to support classroom learning from iPads, field trips, equipment & school assemblies;

  • Making smarter kids! More than 85 research studies have proven that kids do better when parents are involved in their education. Grades are higher. Test scores improve.

Meetings are typically held on Wednesdays at 7pm. In other years these meetings have been held in the Learning Resource Center at Lester School however given the current situation these meetings are now conducted via Zoom. It's open to all whether you're interested in joining and want to see what it's about or you're a member looking to get more involved and would like to discuss a concern. Please come and see what it's all about!



**The zoom link will be emailed out via the e-blast the week of the PTA meeting as well as posted on the PTA Facebook page the day of. 

Wed. 9/30 - 7:00pm

Wed. 10/21 - 7:00pm

Wed. 11/18 - 7:30pm

Wed. 1/20 - 7:00pm

Wed. 2/17 - 7:00pm

Wed. 4/21 - 7:00pm

Wed. 5/19 - 7:00pm


If you identify a need that the PTA could be addressing, there's no better way to make a difference than to join the PTA and jump right in. Many times, great ideas are proposed but we don't have anyone to lead the effort. That's where you come in! If you see a need, please bring it to the PTA and be ready to help out. We'll take a little of your time or a lot - whatever you can give!

Help make a difference in your child’s education.


Go Leopards!

Stephanie Brockway
Lester PTA President


Lisa Kelsey
Lester PTA President-Elect


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