Every parent or guardian of a Lester student is welcome

to participate in the Lester PTA!

We support Lester Elementary School by:

  • Creating strong communication between parents, staff, and district administration.

  • Raising funds to support and enhance classroom learning through technology, field trips, equipment, assemblies and more. 

  • Enlisting volunteer support for Lester teachers and administration to help serve our students.

  • Creating smarter kids! More than 85 research studies have proven that when parents are involved in their education, kids' grades and test scores improve. 

How is Lester PTA funding spent?

Ready to support Lester students?

  • Click here to join the Lester PTA and make a difference!

  • Family membership is only $20! 

  • You must be a PTA member in order to serve as a committee chair and vote on PTA matters. 

  • Note that membership does not auto-renew so be sure to re-join every year that you have a student at Lester!