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PTA Committees give their time & talents to organize and execute programs for Lester students and staff.​

Our PTA programs are made possible by volunteers. There are many committees with varying levels of commitment and time needed. 

Please consider volunteering!

Committee Descriptions 


Want to help on a committee?



Have a new idea or want to share your time & talent in other ways? 

Contact us at

2022-23 Committee Chairs

Art Awareness: Shawna Smith, Stephanie Brockway

Birthday Bulletin Board: Karissa Campione

Cub Club (2022-2023 Kindergarteners):  Alison Gustafson, Tina Nammari

Daddy/Daughter Dance: Shannon Matesi, Sahar Solcum

Weekly E-Blast PTA Newsletter: Julia Mazurek

Expressions Art Show:

Fall and Spring Book Fairs: Sydney Musselman, Katie Kadlec

Family Reading Night: Angela Hassan, Shawna Tarnow

Field Day: Ainsley Sumlin, Tina Nammari

Fit Boys: Jen Gawel

Fit Girls: Candice Richmond

Fun Lunch: Lisa Kelsey, Shannon Degiulio

Fun Run: Julie Jurek, Katie Frick

Hospitality / Teacher Appreciation: Sara Schad, Kristen Wiklund

Ice Cream Social: Stephanie Brockway, Lisa Kelsey

Lester Gardens: Andrea Paris, Julia Salisbury

Memorials: Angie Erickson

Mother-Son Event: Angie Erickson, Sara Schad

Nominations: Katy O'Donnell

Philanthropy / Scholarship: Jill Schwartzers

Playground Committee: Patty Esslinger, Angela Hassen

Reflections: Karissa Campione

Room Parent Coordinator: Jen Gawel

School Supplies: Jackie Szalanski, Karissa Campione

Science Olympiad: Angie Erickson

Sixth Grade Party:  Jen Gawel, Andrea Paris, Lisa Kelsey

Sixth Grade Yearbook:   Andrea Paris

Summer Math Club: Erik Duda

Teacher Support: Heather Phegley

Winter Fundraiser: Kara Gordon, Kristen Avery, Adriana Karawan

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