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PTA Committees give their time & talents to organize and execute programs for Lester students and staff.​

Our PTA programs are made possible by volunteers. There are many committees with varying levels of commitment and time needed. 

Please consider volunteering! With few exceptions, all committees may be led by multiple volunteers.

Committee Descriptions 


Want to help on a committee? Need to contact a committee chiar?



Have a new idea or want to share your time & talent in other ways? 

Contact us at

2023-24 Committee Chairs

After School Clubs: Marybeth Marinier

Art Awareness: Shawna Smith

Author Fest: NEEDS CHAIR

Birthday Bulletin Board: Karissa Campione  

Book Fairs: Sydney Musselman, Katie Kadlec

Culture Fair: James Milkert, Sanskruti Patel, Angela Hassan

Cub Club (2023-2024 Kindergarteners):  Katie Frick, Liz Pankner

Weekly E-Blast PTA Newsletter: Kristen Avery

Expressions Art Show: Tina Namari

Family Reading Night: NEEDS CHAIR

Field Day: Tina Nammari

Fit Boys: Kerry Onken

Fit Girls: Candice Richmond

Fun Lunch: Lisa Kelsey, Shannon Degiulio

Fun Run: Katie Frick, Julia Mazurek

Hospitality / Teacher Appreciation: Sara Schad, Kristen Wiklund  

Ice Cream Social: Julie Jurek 

Lester Gardens: Amanda Dowling, Julia Salisbury

Memorials: Angie Erickson

Nominations: NEEDS CHAIR

Philanthropy / Scholarship: Jill Schwartzers

Reading Games: Shannon DeGuilio

Reflections: Kerry Onken

Room Parent Coordinator: Jen Gawel

School Supplies: Jackie Szalanski, Karissa Campione

Science Olympiad: Angie Erickson, Kristen Wiklund, Sara Schad

Sixth Grade Party & Yearbook:  Adriana Karawan, Shannon Matesi, Katy O'Donnell, Sahar Slocum

Spirit Wear: Bonnie Glass

Sweetheart Dance: Shannon Matesi, Sahar Slocum

Midway Event: NEEDS CHAIR

Summer Math Club: Angie Erickson

Teacher Support: Sydney Musselman

Variety Show: Angi Dreisbach, Maggie Calder

Winter Fundraiser: Kara Gordon, Adriana Karawan

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